Pursuing a career at an AC Group firm offers a unique opportunity for a professional accountant who is considering a career change with a balanced lifestyle, and you owe it to yourself to explore the possibilities.

Our member firms regularly recruit CPAs and individuals with other accounting and related designations to fill positions within the firm and also on behalf of their clients.

Each individual firm offers the potential for rapid advancement to more senior positions and/or partnership, and the Group provides increased opportunities for developing a particular specialty and interest.

One unique opportunity we offer to eligible staff is to complete the AC LEADERS Program. This program is an exciting new structured program of post-qualification professional development which is offered over a 2 year period. It consists of a combination of internet delivered courses, face-to-face sessions, and executive retreats. AC LEADERS focuses on the development of each indivdual's skills and talents to be effective as leaders, and is considered to be a critical aspect of each person's achievement of their full potential.

Whether through the AC LEADERS Program, the pursuit of specialty designations, or participation in technical committees, your professional development pursuits are backed by The Power of Association.

CPA Student looking for possible opportunities within the AC Group? Go to our Students page.

Professional Opportunities

Technician Opportunities